Vanessa Martin's Art Studio

Artists Information & Statement

Living on the Colorado high plains in Aurora Colorado, I get much of my inspiration and material for my artwork on my daily walks.  I am fortunate to back up to the Plains Conservation Center that stretches across 1,100 acres of dedicated open space. I like to take a walk just about every day and often will see prairie dogs, pronghorn, coyotes, rattle snakes, red-tailed hawks and an occasional glimpse of the resident bald eagle family.  The flora on the plains can easily be overlooked as it isn’t particularly showy or lush, especially in the fall and winter.  The semi-arid environment can be harsh so one must look close to appreciate the beauty of the grasslands.

I am the past President of the Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists and past Exhibits chair of the same organization.  I received my formal training and certificate from the School of Botanical Art and Illustration at the Denver Botanical Gardens.

Organization memberships:
American Society of Botanical Artists
Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists

Art Students League of Denver